What we’re watching: Mon., Jan. 2, 2012


Happy New Year and welcome back!  Just one day to go to the Iowa caucuses.  Here’s some of the stories we’re watching today:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor can’t handle the truth about Ronald Reagan.

Newt Gingrich says “I don’t think I’m going to win” in Iowa.

A new American Research Group survey shows former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with a bit of breathing space.

Mitt Romney said no matter where he finishes Tuesday, he’s going to get a “good boost” out of Iowa.

Donald Trump said Monday he’d consider a third-party bid if the GOP selects “the wrong candidate.”

No Republican candidate is running away with the contest in Iowa two days before the caucuses starts according to a new poll.

Another poll of Iowa shows a photo finish.

Rick Perry on msnbc Monday sounded confident going into Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses,

The Washington Post gets a look at a massive GOP trove of opposition research.

President Obama is heading into his re-election campaign with plans to step up his offensive against an unpopular Congress.

Mitt Romney compares President Obama to the Kardashians

Mitt Romney remains locked in a dogfight for the Iowa Caucus, increasingly facing the prospect of a disappointing third-place finish.

Rick Santorum boiled his immigration stance down to a sentence on Sunday.

    Rick Santorum attacked President Barack Obama’s foreign policy during a stump speech here on Sunday

    Mitt Romney was asked about a comment that Newt Gingrich made saying that Romney would buy an election if he could.

    Mitt Romney was asked about former Sen. Rick Santorum’s (R-Pa.) rise in the polls ahead of Tuesday’s caucuses.

    What we're watching: Mon., Jan. 2, 2012