What we’re watching: Mon., Dec. 5, 2011


Republican front-runner Newt Gingrich called Donald Trump “a great showman” today as he became the latest Republican presidential candidate to kiss The Donald’s ring.

Gingrich met privately with Trump, who flirted with a bid for the Republican nomination last spring and has hosted many of the GOP contenders in the Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

Gingrich said he persuaded the celebrity real estate mogul to mentor a group of children from New York’s poorest schools.  Gingrich recently sparked controversy by suggesting that disadvantaged children as young as 9 should be encouraged to clean their schools in order to learn about work.

Trump says he was happy to take up the challenge. He says ten young children will be chosen, and made into little apprentices.

Prior to the Gingrich meeting, Trump defended his plan to moderate a GOP debate on Dec. 27 in Iowa, which Rep. Ron Paul and former ambassador Jon Huntsman have announced they will skip (Gingrich is, so far, the only candidate to accept).

In an interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Trump described Paul and Huntsman as “joke candidates.”


What we're watching: Mon., Dec. 5, 2011