By Jonathan Larsen

I already did my big underbuzzed story of the day in an earlier post (the one about Mitt Romney’s news conference), but here are a handful of others that caught my eye:

  • David Corn over at Mother Jones reminds us of how much Republicans valued certainty for the fate of the economic climate – certainty on issues that didn’t really affect the economic climate. So where is there fetish for certainty now, when Wall Street and the entire global economy craves certainty on the US debt?
  • A housing recovery was supposed to pull the rest of the economy out of the ditch. But in some states, it looks like other sectors are beginning to nourish the housing market.
  • And if you want to talk about something the government can do to stimulate the economy, how about getting the credit-card companies’ hands out of retailers’ pockets? Congress just narrowly approved caps on how much the banks can charge retailers for credit-card purchases. So what does the Fed do? After fierce lobbying by the banks, the Fed decides to impose a cap twice as high as it was talking about. Take that, economy.
  • Painful new evidence of just how quickly GOP policy turns self-destructive. Alabama is having trouble repairing its tornado damage. (No, this isn’t about the fact that Alabama Republicans help block anti-climate change measures). This is about the labor force needed to do the work. Alabama’s anti-immigrant laws have chased their workers away. Well played, Alabama.
  • And the Republican argument that government regulation stifles business and the economy? Wonder how much money would have been saved if better government regulation had prevented Massey Energy from misleading inspectors about conditions at its mine that blew up, killing 29 people.
  • US troops are still dying in Iraq. At the fastest pace in three years.

What else is underbuzzed today? Buzz it up in the comments.

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