Sorry again about dropping out on yesterday’s Outlook and Underbuzzed. As will likely be the case until the debt ceiling is raised – or News Corp. is indicted – a lot of stories are falling through the cracks, slow-movers and others. Add your own in the comments. Here are mine for today:

The GOP is the party of defense. Here’s the Republican Party expressing its agenda to troops and veterans in just the past 24 hours. Eleven Senate Republicans voted against spending on the military and veterans. This comes at the same time that active-duty troops are making so little money defending America’s foreign interests, that the banks who benefit from those foreign interests are foreclosing on our troops at a rising pace.

I wonder about the wisdom of a News Corp. employee using violent rhetoric against a member of Congress even as cries grow on both sides of the aisle to investigate News Corp.? And in this case, it was “Don’t retreat, reload” rhetoric directed at a Republican. By a Republican whose previous rhetorical targets are still recovering from getting shot in the head.

ThinkProgress makes the same point I made earlier this week – that Murdoch funneled at least a million dollars to the US Chamber of Commerce, which has been actively lobbying to weaken the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which Murdoch’s company is now accused of violating. Not hard to see how this works.

I don’t like getting into horserace stuff, but Mitt Romney’s concession of Iowa, if true, could change the race in some interesting ways. Namely, if there’s no Bachmann-Romney rivalry to track in Iowa, it raises the possibility that the media need to cover conflict will end up elevating someone as the anti-Bachmman in the battle to be the anti-Romney.

I haven’t followed this one, but the hunger strike at Pelican Bay is bringing some appalling conditions to light. I’m old enough to remember when people cared about this kind of thing at least in part because they recognized that how we treat others reflects on us. (And, no, I’m not knockin’ the young folks. I’m saying folks my age and older should know better because we lived through times when this was classically American thinking.)

That’s my Underbuzzed for today. What have you got?

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