Today’s Underbuzzed


As promised, every show day I’m going to try to post some of the day’s stories that don’t seem to be reverberating as powerfully as maybe they oughtta. If you see something I’ve missed, please post it in the comments.

  • Hundreds in government knew of the plan to get Osama bin Laden beforehand, but no one let it slip. Remember this one the next time they tell you how secretive government has to be, or else leaks will get out. Serious operations that genuinely serve the national interest don’t get leaked. Bullshit curbs on our civil liberties do. And should.
  • On that note, friend-of-show John Nichols warns us that congressional leaders have reached a backroom bipartisan deal to extend the worst of the USA PATRIOT Act. Auditions soon for America’s next bogeyman, I guess.
  • Hat tip to Ezra Klein for this one. A report that Speaker Boehner uses lies to construct loyalty tests. Lying is okay, you see, if the person telling the lie is okay with it.
  • NJ Gov. Chris Christie opens  the door to teaching creationism in New Jersey schools. It’s hard to overstate just what an obscenity this is. Jersey has mostly enjoyed a reputation for good schools. Christie seems bent on making Jersey the Mississippi of the Northeast with this vile and unconstitutional suggestion.
  • Black lung disease is on the rise after years of decline.

And a few thoughts about birthers turning on LA Gov. Bobby Jindal and FL Sen. Marco Rubio. As i put it earlier today, they’re reaping the birthwind. This is the problem with Republicans capitalizing on those people who simply don’t have the logical faculties to process competing claims about reality. If they think birtherism matters and they lack the epistemological tools to figure out who’s American and who’s not, what’s to stop them from going after everyone? If you gaze into epistemic closure, epistemic closure gazes also into you. No wonder Panamanian-born Sen. John McCain would have no part of it in 2008.


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