Romney’s new Michigan ad looks like a retread



Mitt Romney has endured a flood of criticism that he is stiff and/or robotic.  This won’t help.

Our friends at Talking Points Memo rightly pointed out that Mitt Romney’s new TV ad featuring him driving around Detroit is very similar to a video he made for voters last summer in New Hampshire (where he has a summer home mansion).

Polls show Romney is now behind Rick Santorum in Michigan, the state where he grew up and his father was once governor. A recent PPP poll of Michigan voters found only 26 percent considered Romney a “Michigander.”

The 2011 New Hampshire ad is on the left, the new Michigan ad on the right.  Play them back to back and you’ll see what TPM discovered.  And If you dare, play them at the same time, side by side…scary.                  

Rick Santorum, Michigan and Mitt Romney

Romney's new Michigan ad looks like a retread