Romney blown away by modern day Hoagie technology


Mitt Romney’s been trying to avoid answering every controversial issue possible lately, apparently hoping to run out the clock on the November election, still four-plus months away. 

But he still can’t hide how out of touch he is.

Case in point:  During stop yesterday at Cornwall Iron Furnace in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, on a small-town bus tour of six swing states, Romney declared “I am going to win Pennsylvania” this November.

That was somewhat bizarre given that President Barack Obama leads Romney by eight points (48-40 percent) in RealClearPolitics’ average of polls.

Romney then waded into what has been a tense debate among Pennsylvanians for years: Wawa or Sheetz?  The question of which Pennsylvania-based convenience store/sandwich chain is better became so awkward, that Romney apologized at one point.

But what got Romney really, really excited was a computer at Wawa (or as he called it, “WaWas”) that allows customers to type in what they want on a sandwich, as opposed to ordering it through a human cashier.

“You press a little touchtone [editor’s note: touchtone?] key pad… You touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, and there’s your sandwich,” Romney said. “It’s amazing!”

Watch the video:

Remember when Bush 41 was mesmerized by a common grocery store checkout scanner in 1992, twelve years after they were introduced?

So what was Romney most excited about, the advanced technology or the fact that the owner doesn’t need to pay somebody to take sandwich orders?  

Let us know what you think! 

Mitt Romney

Romney blown away by modern day Hoagie technology