Robert Reich in tonight’s ‘Big Finish’ on ‘The Ed Show’


Here’s a preview of tonight’s “Big Finish” on “The Ed Show” from segment producer Carey Fox:

We call our F block “The Big Finish” now, and it really fits on tonight’s show.  There are increasing signs that President Obama and Democrats are determined to ride the FAIRNESS ISSUE right through to the election.

How?  By insisting on some version of The Buffet Rule – that people earning more than one-million dollars a year pay at least 30% in income taxes.

The funny thing about Republicans is they are certain Americans hate the idea of taxes being raised – ever.

Republicans are so wrong on this score.

66% of  Americans favor raising taxes on households making $250,000 or more.

Even rich people favor taxing themselves more!

53% of Republicans support raising taxes on the wealthy.

President Obama says he will push hard for the Buffet rule, even though Congressman Paul Ryan dissed him all over the place on Fox News Sunday, saying Obama never follows through with these “poll tested lines.”

Newt Gingrich called the Buffet Rule idea “so stupid.”

We’ve seen how well HE polls against Obama – NOT WELL.

Ed will chew on this with former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich, who loves to chew the scenery with his truly captivating guest appearances.

He’s one of our favorites.  TONIGHT.