Righties fuel gas price hysteria

Righties fuel gas price hysteria
Righties fuel gas price hysteria

Here’s a shocker. Drudge Report posted a completely inaccurate headline.

If you went to Drudge Report at any point today (and we’re not suggesting you should), you would have seen this headline:

“POLL: 77% Say Gas Most Important Factor in the Election…”

Wow. That’s a lot of voters saying gas is the “most important” issue in the election. A whopping 77%! Certain doom for President Obama’s re-election chances, right? Where did Matt Drudge find this explosive information?

The link takes you to a story published by WCCO-TV in Minnesota. Sure enough, the CBS affiliate reported the same information Drudge is highlighting:

“Last night, CBS News exit polls found 77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were the most important factor in their vote.” [ed. note: emphasis ours]

Hmm. Those exit polls numbers are vastly different from the NBC News exit poll results.

Voters from seven Super Tuesday states were asked by NBC News how they would rate the importance of gas prices.

Only 8% said gas prices are the “most important” factor in their vote.

On the other hand, 69% said gas prices are one of several important factors.

Put those together and you get 77% who said gas prices had some level of importance in how they voted. Not “most important.”

The Ed Show contacted WCCO to ask about the discrepancy. They have since corrected the report.

Drudge Report? Not so much. The site still hasn’t changed the original headline.

-Brendan McDonald, Segment Producer


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Righties fuel gas price hysteria