Republicans ‘dead wrong,’ Biden says in first major campaign foray


The Obama-Biden 2012 re-election campaign kicks into high gear with the middle/working class as the central focus.

In his first major foray of the 2012 campaign, Vice President Joe Biden today told a union audience at a United Auto Workers hall in Toledo that Republicans who opposed the auto bailout were “dead wrong.”

Biden said the willingness of GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to let Detroit go belly-up shows the bankruptcy of their economic theories. 

“If you give any one of these guys the keys to the White House,” the vice president declared, “they will bankrupt the middle class again.” 

Meantime, President Obama headed out to Largo, Maryland, where he mocked the GOP candidates for resisting development of alternative energy sources during a campaign-style rally at Prince George’s Community College.

At one point, Obama ridiculed Gingrich’s campaign promise to reduce the price of gas to $2.50 a gallon if he won the White House, calling it just a “cute bumper-sticker line.”

“They start acting like we’ve got a magic wand and we will give you cheap gas forever if you just elect us,” Obama said.


Joe Biden and Barack Obama

Republicans 'dead wrong,' Biden says in first major campaign foray