Reporter: ‘Donald Trump didn’t like my story’

Reporter: 'Donald Trump didn't like my story'
Reporter: 'Donald Trump didn't like my story'

Donald Trump seems to be getting a bit touchy about the some of the reporting on his decision to withdraw as moderator of the GOP presidential debate set for December 27.

Chris Moody of Yahoo! News tweeted this afternoon:

Donald Trump didn’t like my story. He just sent me this:

— Chris Moody (@Chris_Moody) December 13, 2011

The image shows Chris’ article with words written in large black strokes accusing Moody of “bad reporting” and being a “bad reporter.”

This isn’t the first time that Trump has dissed a reporter with a handwritten note. 

As The Atlantic reported April 11, 2011 (when The Donald was still thinking about running for the GOP presidential nomination) that Trump’s M.O. is to take a printed copy of an article about him, then write a personal note on it in fat pen strokes. 

The magazine showed illustrated examples of Trump’s written tirades over articles by Salon and Vanity Fair.

Chris Moody is a friend of The Ed Show.  Thanks to his excellent reporting, we learned how Republican governors were being taught to talk about the issues raised by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We brought Chris on the show December 2, 2011, to learn more about it:

So far, social media seems to be siding with Chris in his battle with Trump. 

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Reporter: 'Donald Trump didn't like my story'