Pretty in pink, Mindy Meyer is the ‘Diva’ of district 21


Her sparkly pink website greets visitors with the midi file for LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it” and her issues section is illustrated with a picture of young Mindy costumed as the heroine from Hunger Games.

No, this is not a fourteen-year-old running for class president of the 8th grade, this is Mindy Meyers: Republican candidate for New York state Senate. She’s branding herself as the “Diva of the District,” and proudly boasts she is “the first young woman in the history of New York to run for New York State Senate.”

Currently, Meyer interns in the court of Judge Fancisco Rivera in Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn, taking law classes at night. But with no political background or experience, Meyer claims she intends to “utilize her religious values and moral compass as her guide.” 

When you look beyond the glitter and leopard print fonts, she does express an opinion on a number of issues. She wants to end the controversial NYPD Stop & Frisk practice but still looks to “crack down on crime” focusing on domestic violence and curbing “gang related activity by restructuring their lives.”

She believes in tearing down district lines in favor of open enrollment laws for students in New York public schools and the voucher program, popular with more conservative voters.

Mindy is challenging Kevin S. Parker, a Democrat who has served as the 21st District’s senator since 2002. Parker’s political experience and educational background speak volumes, not to mention his record as Senator for 10 years running.

Meyer may be generating a lot of buzz with her wild website but conservatives and liberals alike in the 21st District may be looking for a little more substance and a little less glitter.

Pretty in pink, Mindy Meyer is the 'Diva' of district 21