POPitics: When actors get it right


Casting for the NBC pilot, “1600 Penn“ is in full swing and it’s got me thinking… what if actors really did run this country?

Sure, their infinity for pocket sized pooches, their love for all things yacht sized and their tendency to consider rehab a luxury hotel might have you doubting their political prowess… but bear with me here.

Who unified an entire world after a comet threatened to tear us apart? Who gave us courage when an alien species threatened to extinct the human race? Who tugged at our heart strings and made us feel just gosh darn proud to be an American? Actors, that’s who. 

Our current political climate sometimes makes us feel like we are a country divided. So, today, let’s turn to actors to do something normal politicians simply can’t: preform a monologue in perfect lighting while inspirational background music plays at just the right pivotal plot point in your life.

So sit back, get unified, and prepare yourselves to feel American.

#1) Perhaps my favorite “heck yeah I’m an American” speech has to go to President Thomas Whitmore (actor Bill Pullman) in Independence Day. Whitmore isn’t going to just sit on the sidelines and watch his beloved county become waste to aliens. Heck no – he’s an American. He takes flight with his fellow soldiers and in the process, he inspires a nation.


#2) A close runner up must go to President Tom Beck (Morgan Freeman) in Deep Impact. Could you even imagine how epic every presidential speech would sound if Morgan Freeman really was president? Think about it… the State of The Union Address narrated by the same voice as the genius behind March of the Penguins? Amazing.  



#3) The award for my favorite fictional president must go to President Dave (Kevin Kline) in Dave. If you’ve never seen this “actor playing a regular dude playing a president” movie, go rent it this weekend and thank me later. It’s the ultimate feel good presidential flick.


#4) President Andrew Shepard (Micheal Douglas) in The American President  turns up the heat on free speech. Watch the clip below and get ready to stand up and shout for your freedom.


#5) While last on this list, President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) in Air Force One demands to be remembered.  In a mere 14 seconds, he bolted himself into fake Presidential fame with just one line: “Get off my plane.” Now that’s an American president you do not want to mess with.

So who did I miss? What fictional president makes you stand up and shout: “Gosh darn I’m proud to be an American?!”

POPitics: When actors get it right