Paul Ryan suffers amnesia, forgets Dubya as he compares Obama to Carter


GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is calling former President Jimmy Carter’s leadership “the good old days” compared to the last three-plus years under President Barack Obama.   

“The president can say a lot of things and he will,” Ryan told more than 2,000 supporters today in Greenville, North Carolina. “But he can’t tell you that you’re better off. Simply put, the Jimmy Carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now.” 

So the Romney-Ryan ticket is going to defeat Obama by comparing him to an 87-year-old former president who hasn’t been in office for more than three decades?

Mr. Ryan, how ‘bout we go back three years instead of three decades (to 2001-2009, definitely NOT known as “the good old days”) and look at the last president before Obama, who also happens to be the last Republican president.

There, you find many reasons the Siena Research Institute of Siena College ranked George W. Bush as the fifth-worst president in U.S. history in 2010.

Here’s a just a few samples:  

  • Worst economic contraction in U.S. since the Great Depression
  • Went to war based on false information (Saddam Hussein’s “connection” to 9/11, weapons of mass destruction), 4,000+ Americans killed
  • Mismanagement of Iraq War (no plan for after “Mission Accomplished” banner display)
  • Failure to capture 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden
  • Hurricane Katrina (“heck of a job Brownie”)
  • Legalization of torture
  • active attempt to privatize Social Security
  • highest gas prices ever in U.S.
  • politically-motivated dismissal of U.S. attorneys
  • illegal surveillance of Americans and other curbs on citizen rights
  • nominated Harriet Miers for U.S. Supreme Court

Click here for a list of 400 (yes, 400!!) of Bush scandals.

What’s on your list?