Palin in 2009: ‘I can’t take it anymore’


Fed up with mounting legal bills and rattled by intense scrutiny of her family and work, Sarah Palin was ready to step down as Alaska’s governor months before she left office in July 2009.   

17,000 emails released yesterday, most from the last 10 months of her time in office, show she told her husband in April 2009, “I can’t take it anymore” and complained to spokeswoman Sharon Leighow and aide Kris Perry in March that she had been the target of “many frivolous suits and charges since the DAY I became VP candidate.” 

Between these emails and accounts from the book Game Change, which covers the the time she became and ran as the 2008 vice presidential nominee, Palin sure seemed/seems to have a thin skin.  

The film version of Game Change will be presented next month on HBO.  Here’s the official trailer, which features the line, “I have to win this thing. I so don’t want to go back to Alaska.”

Emails also show she faced rumors about her family long before she became McCain’s running mate.   In a Sept. 26, 2007, email to Kris Perry and her husband Todd, titled “Marital Problems,” Palin writes: “So speaking of… If we, er, when we get a divorce, does that quell “conflict of interest” accusations about BP?” Her husband was a former BP employee on the North Slope.

Perhaps she was just mocking the gossip about her marriage.

Palin in 2009: 'I can't take it anymore'