MSNBC Presents “A Stronger America: Making the Grade” on August 14, from 12-2pm ET


Anyone who watches the “Ed Show” knows that big Eddie is nothing if not a huge supporter of public education. As Ed says, when the doors of a public school open everyone is welcome to come on in. That’s what makes this country so great.

With that in mind, the same team that brought you “The Black Agenda”, hosted by Ed Schultz last April, will air “A Stronger America: Making the Grade,” a live two-hour discussion on strengthening America through education.

The program includes a roundtable discussion between panelists Ben Chavis, Wes Moore, Robert Townsend and Patricia Ackerman on topics from parenting and early education, how to help students compete on a global scale, the effects of the economy on education and opportunity, and more. 

Join msnbc anchor Tamron Hall and Correspondent Jeff Johnson for this event, which will be hosted live from the Detroit School of Arts on August 14th at 12pm ET.

If you are in the Motor City or anywhere near Detroit, you can be a part of the live audience!

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MSNBC Presents "A Stronger America: Making the Grade" on August 14, from 12-2pm ET