MSNBC and NBC News are nominated for a Shorty Award!


NOW with Alex Wagner.”

The citation reads in part: “Mass Relevance collaborated with msnbc to power social content for The Ed Show and Now with Alex Wagner. Tweets and Facebook posts are streamed on the lower 3rd quadrant (called the “Twicker”), and are referenced during the shows encouraging active engagement from the public through social media. Specific show-related hashtags are used to curate the conversation and support a dialogue between the online audience and the broadcasted show.”

So keep those Facebook comments and tweets coming so @TweetTron9k can put yer tweets on the teevee!  

BTW, here’s some suggested guidelines if you want to increase the likelihood that we’ll use your tweet on the air!  

1)  Use the hashtag #edshow and/or the username @edshow.  And use at the end the tweet – after all, we first want to see what you have to say!

2)  Keep it clean:  please no dirty words and no below-the-belt name calling.  Not only are those kind of tweets offensive, they usually aren’t very clever, right?

3)  Make it easy to read:  remember, viewers have only a few seconds to read your tweet.  So please minimize little-known abbreviations, skip irrelevant and/or extraneous hashtags and/or usernames and try to avoid typos.  

4)  Keep it self-contained and in context.  For example, if you want to tweet about Mitt Romney’s tax plan, try to write something more than just “I oppose it.”  Better to tweet something like “Romney’s tax plan would hurt the working poor” or “Mitt’s proposed tax plan just helps the little guy stay in the poorhouse.”      

Bottom line: ask yourself before sending, will my friends and relatives be able read and absorb this in 7 seconds?  

Here’s a good example from a recent segment on Michelle Obama’s response to a new book:

And if you prefer to comment via Facebook, that’s great!  Just “like” us, apply rules 2, 3 and 4 and keep your comment to tweet length: 140 characters or less.


MSNBC and NBC News are nominated for a Shorty Award!