Morning EDition: June 13, 2011


Democrats today seem to be continuing the odd strategy of talking about how bad the Weiner story is, because people keep talking about it. Weird. Anyway, here’s what’s caught my eye today. Check back later for today’s Outlook and Underbuzzed.


  • Pres. Obama tours LED maker, meets with jobs council.
  • GOP presidential debate.


  • Larry Summers joins the chorus calling for more stimulus (though it’s tax cuts, again, rather than aid to those who need it).
  • Summers warns of a “lost decade” (which would be the second for those left behind by the Bush “recovery”).
  • Ezra Klein: New Romney video shows GOP only has to run against the economy.


  • Economists call joblessness the biggest threat to the recovery. Seems only fair, the recovery hasn’t been good to the jobless.
  • In some states Obama badly needs, unemployment is above 10%.
  • Dionne: Obama must make major push to steer national conversation toward jobs.


  • Biden’s group to meet three times this week, bringing big questions to the fore.
  • GOP’s game of chicken on the debt default could cost us a trillion dollars.
  • The cost of Iraq: We can’t even account for $6.6 billion.
  • Will anti-spending House freshmen cut farm subsidies? Including their own?
  • With Republicans split on farm subsidies, Grover Norquist offers a compromise: Transform farm subsidies into

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Morning EDition: June 13, 2011