Mitt Romney cruises around Michigan in a foreign car for TV campaign ad


A quick update on that new Mitt Romney ad we showed you yesterday showing the candidate driving around Michigan, nostalgically recalling his childhood (he was born in Detroit) and his love of cars (his father George was an auto executive and governor).

Our friends at Talking Points Memo rightly pointed out that the new ad is very similar to another Romney made for voters last summer in New Hampshire (where he has a summer home mansion).

Now it turns out there’s something else wrong with the Michigan ad: the car Romney is driving around Michigan was made in….yes, CANADA!  At least that’s what the Blue Mass Group, a political blog based in New England, is reporting.  

Blue Mass Group says it was tipped by an alert reader who said the images of the Romney car (including the dashboard) indicate that it is a Chrysler 300, which is assembled at the Brampton Assembly Plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, NOT in Michigan as the Chrysler 200 is (in Sterling Heights, Michigan, to be specific).

Now, that alone may not get you that upset.  But wait, there’s more.  

Last year, Republicans were SLAMMING President Barack Obama for riding around in a bus made in…yes, Canada!     

“The president’s been on a jobs tour,” Texas Gov. Perry said at the time. “As a matter of fact, we kinda crossed — we didn’t cross paths, but we were in the same state together, Iowa. He had his big old bus, his big old $1.2 million bus — made in Canada.”  

Sen. John McCain, Firebrand radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Fox News’ Sean Hannity piled on, ridiculing Obama for “touting job creation” while riding around in “a bus built in Canada.” looked into it and discovered the Secret Service (not Obama) ordered the $1.1 million bus because it was believed to be the only vehicle at the time that had the payload capacity to meet the the Secret Service’s needs.  It still, however, needed some work and that was done for the Secret Service by a company in Tennessee.

Governor Perry.  Senator McCain.  Mr. Limbaugh.  Mr. Hannity.  Where are you now?  Speak up! 

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney cruises around Michigan in a foreign car for TV campaign ad