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Minnesota’s Purple Pain


The Minnesota Vikings sank to 1-2, losing on the road to the New Orleans Saints, further inflicting the “Purple Pain” on a city that lives for their beloved team. 

Sports commentators attribute the loss to the suspension of star Running Back Adrian Peterson.  Peterson was placed on the exempt list for the entire 2014 season after he was indicted over counts of child abuse.

At the beginning of last week, the Minnesota Vikings franchise faced the loud scrutiny of the media, after going back and forth in their decision to suspend their star player, Peterson.

Minnesota Vikings owner, Mark Wilf admitted on Wednesday, “we made a mistake” when originally deciding that Peterson would play in the Vikings’ game against the Saints.

The Vikings loss to the Saints leaves a dark cloud lingering over the entire city of Minneapolis, Minn; a town that bleeds purple.

Adjacent to the city’s towering sky line, cranes soar high, marking the location of the $975 million part-taxpayer funded project to rebuild the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings new stadium.  A stadium, where the original design contained a glowing image of their shining star, Adrian Peterson, the man wearing number 28.

 It is still unclear what the new plans, for the site of Super Bowl LII will look like after the growing controversy around the former Vikings star player.

Peterson still refuses to come to terms with his future as an NFL player, according to a report from ESPN.  This comes after multiple sources cite the Minnesota Vikings franchise saying they “do not foresee Peterson in their future.”  Yet, on the streets of Minneapolis, NFL fans seem torn about the decisions made by the league and owners.

“You can kind of see it from both sides, because, for me, it’s like oh man, it sucks that we’re not going to have AP, for me he’s like our franchise for the Vikings,” said Michael Yang, a young fan on the streets of Minneapolis. “You understand, from the organization from like the organization that you don’t want somebody like that to represent your team or your organization, but that’s the hard part about it.”

Even Green Bay Packers fans, the Vikings ultimate rival, feel slight sympathy towards Peterson.

“I disagree with what [Adrian Peterson] did, but I really hope he gets a second chance and will be successful,” said Green Bay Packers fan, Patrick Magee.

All fans unite in their desire to see the policies of the NFL change, which begins with Commissioner Roger Goodell. 

“Have an open mind, take a look at what’s happening throughout the NFL,” said older Vikings fan, Helen Yates, “take a look at the families that are affected and afflicted and be wise in your thinking. “

“Make strict rules, enforce them and follow them,” said Joe Smedsrud. “There’s too much leeway in what happens right now.”

Right now, the future of the NFL policy about domestic abuse is unclear.  For this season, the Vikings will be without their star player that could leave a literal gaping hole in the side of their new stadium.