Michael Steele on Issa’s contempt vote for Holder: ‘The optics are not good for the GOP’


Michael Steele thinks Rep. Darrell Issa’s attacks on Attorney General Eric Holder are bad politics which have taken the GOP “off track.”

“The optics are not good for the GOP, in my estimation,” the msnbc analyst and former Republican Party chair said on NOW with Alex Wagner Wednesday. “They play, actually, quite well into Obama’s rant against the House and against the do-nothing Congress.”

Steele spoke in the midst of a House Oversight Committee hearing over whether to charge Holder with contempt of Congress. Issa, a California Republican who chairs the committee, has waged an aggressive campaign against the Attorney General over what some Republicans see as Holder’s effort to stonewall a congressional investigation of the Justice Department’s now-defunct Fast and Furious program.

Steele argued that the contempt hearing was a distraction from the real issues that the Republican Party should be focused on.

“To have this sort of devolve into the political realm and become this sort of hyper-extended conversation that leads to—what?” Steele said. ”It just seems to me off track.”

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Michael Steele on Issa's contempt vote for Holder: 'The optics are not good for the GOP'