Jose Vargas: Obama’s immigration policy has created ‘a new normal’


Just days after President Obama inaugurated his new immigration policy, “there is a new normal when it comes to talking about immigration,” said Jose Antonio Vargas. “There is a notable shift in the way our country and our politicians are talking about it,” he said on Tuesday’s episode of The Ed Show. “And I welcome that.”

A whole generation “now thinks the Republican Party is synonymous with being the anti-immigrant party,” said Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who outed himself as an illegal immigrant last year. “That’s a lasting impression.”

The GOP has struggled to forge a coherent response to Obama’s move, with Mitt Romney dodging questions about whether he would repeal the executive order. A Bloomberg poll from Tuesday showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans, including two-thirds of independents, support Obama’s new policy. Nearly half of Latinos now say they support the president more strongly because of the decision.

Jose Vargas: Obama's immigration policy has created 'a new normal'