It’s September and Romney is still shoring up the base


By this point in the campaign, most presidential candidates are moving towards the middle, appealing to moderates and independents who will decide the election.

But with only nine weekends left before Election Day, Romney is still shoring up the far right base of his Republican Party, largely ignoring his strongest issue: jobs and the economy.  

The latest polls show President Obama got a nice bounce from the Democratic National Convention and is now leading Romney by five to six percent.  But this development may be a more accurate indicator of how much trouble Romney is in.

On Friday, Romney campaigned with (and endorsed) Rep. Steve King (R-IA) “because this man needs to be your congressman again.  I want him as my partner in Washington, D.C.”  

This is the same Steve King who said he’d never heard of anyone getting pregnant by statutory rape, compared immigrants to dogs and proposed keeping them out with electrified fence (like livestock) and sympathized with birther conspiracy theories. 

Partner?  Really?

Wait, it gets worse: on Saturday, Romney campaigned with televangelist Pat Robertson in Virginia.  

Here’s the video: 

The list of crazy comments attributed to Robertson over the years range from the 9/11 attacks were the fault of the ACLU, “abortionists,” “pagans,” “feminists,” “gays,” “lesbians,” People for the American Way, anyone who tries to “secularize America” to Hurricane Katrina was related to “the wholesale slaughter of innocent children.”

Unfortunately, Robertson shows no sign of reform.

Just today during a viewer question segment on his 700 Club show, Robertson jokingly advised a male viewer who is having marital problems to become a Muslim and move to Saudi Arabia in order to be able to beat his wife.

Here’s the video:

By the way, the Romney-Robertson event on Saturday inspired Romney to come up with a baseless charge that Obama wants to remove “God” from coins.

“I will not take God off our coins. And I will not take God out of my heart,” Romney said to roaring applause from the audience. 


Steve King, Pat Robertson and Mitt Romney

It's September and Romney is still shoring up the base