Ind. Dems ending boycott, won’t promise labor vote


Indiana House Democrats today ended a three-day boycott of the Legislature over a contentious labor bill but are not promising to stay long enough to allow a final vote on the divisive measure.   

House Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer (who appeared on The Ed Show on Thursday, January 5, 2012) told The Associated Press that Democrats are returning “just for today.”   

Republicans want to make Indiana the first state in more than a decade to enact right-to-work legislation, which bans employment contracts that require mandatory union fees for representation.

House Democrats stalled work at the opening of Indiana’s 2012 legislative session last week by denying Republicans the 67 members on the floor they need to conduct any business.

As lawmakers discuss the contentious right-to-work bill in the Indiana House, television ads have begun airing across the state, aiming to sway the public.  

Gov. Mitch Daniels fronts an ad supporting right-to-work, saying that the 22 states that have a similar law in place “are adding jobs and income a lot faster than those that don’t.”

The Indiana Opportunity Fund, which was organized by Jim Bopp, a lawyer and member of the Republican National Committee, paid for the Daniels’ commercials. Bopp said his group is not required to disclose the source of its funding.


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Ind. Dems ending boycott, won't promise labor vote