House failure to fund Sandy relief triggers Republican civil war


The negative language used against Speaker John Boehner and his Republican majority in the House is unprecedented following Boehner’s decision Tuesday night to pull $60 billion in relief for victims of superstorm Sandy.

And some of the worst of the backlash is coming from members of his own party.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie squarely blamed House Republicans and Speaker Boehner Wednesday, saying their “disappointing and disgusting” failure to fund superstorm Sandy relief showed “callous indifference to the suffering of the people of my state,” blaming the ”toxic internal politics” of the House majority.

“There is no reason for me at the moment to believe anything they tell me,” said Christie, one of the nation’s highest-profile Republicans.

Earlier, Christie issued a joint statement with Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying, “The fact that days continue to go by while people suffer, families are out of their homes, and men and women remain jobless and struggling during these harsh winter months is a dereliction of duty.”

Rep. Peter King, a Republican from New York, was also blunt about the failure to vote on Sandy relief.

“We cannot believe this cruel knife in the back was delivered to our region,” King said. “This should not be the Republican Party.”

King went so far as to urge donors from the New York and New Jersey states not to give money to Republicans who are ignoring their needs on Sandy.

Another New York Republican, Rep. Michael Grimm, called Boehner’s decision a crushing blow to states battered by the late October storm that killed 120 people and ravaged the coastline from North Carolina to Maine.

“There was a betrayal,” Grimm said.

By mid-afternoon, Boehner had assured members of vote on Sandy aid by Jan. 15. But judging from Christie’s remarks made before the assurance, that won’t be satisfactory.

“The people on the Jersey Shore can’t wait another two weeks,” Christie said. “If people there feel betrayed they’re not alone.”