Guest List, Tuesday 10/25


Bill Cunningham, Conservative Radio Talk Show Host and hte Host of the daytime syndicated TV program “The Bill Cunningham Show”

Sen. Nina Turner (D-OH)

Chris Redfern, Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party

Stanley Greenberg, Democratic Pollster with the firm of Greenberg, Quinlan and Rosner Research as well as the Co-Founder, with James Carville, of Democracy Corps

David Cay Johnston, columnist for Reuters, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of “Perfectly Legal” and “Free Lunch”

Jim Moore, Co-Author of “Bush’s Brain”, msnbc and Huffington Post contributor

Krystal Ball, Democratic Strategist and Former Candidate for U.S. Congress

Mike Papantonio, Host of “The Ring of Fire” Radio Show


The Ed Show Guest List

Guest List, Tuesday 10/25