At Fox, derby hats trump job growth


If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Better yet, take Fox & Friends’ approach and pretend like nothing even happened.

Good news broke Friday morning on April’s jobs numbers: the U.S. economy added 165,000 jobs during the month, exceeding expectations (of 145,000-150,000) and pushing the unemployment rate down to 7.5%, the lowest level since December 2008.

The report also included revised numbers for February and March, hiking previous estimates for job growth by a combined 114,000.

Fox & Friends did briefly report the news from their curvy couch as it broke at 8:31 a.m., but quickly moved on to other stories and the weather. Then, at 8:36 a.m., they modeled their derby hats for a segment previewing the Kentucky Derby. Five minutes later, at 8:41 a.m., they were still having fun with the hats:


Fox and Friends finally got back to the jobs report five minutes later at 8:46 a.m., but even then it was presented in a negative light.

“What’s interesting is that despite the fact that we’re seeing some jobs added, it still doesn’t feel like the economy is booming,” Nicole Petallides of the Fox Business Network reported, with the key word being “feel.”

Actually, Fox’s “pretend it didn’t happen” approach on Friday was an improvement. Not too long ago when Fox didn’t like the facts, they just called them lies.

With the the private sector job picture improving month after month, Fox and Friend’s might need to strap those make-believe hats on a little bit tighter and just keep on pretending.


At Fox, derby hats trump job growth