Everything you know about Ryan’s budget is probably wrong


Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday will likely center on his controversial budget plan. But, as Ezra Klein pointed out tonight, most of the conventional wisdom about Ryan’s plan is incorrect.

One main point of contention is that Ryan’s plan makes big cuts to Medicare. In fact, the deepest cuts actually come from government programs for low-income Americans, not seniors. A total of $2.9 trillion of the cuts in the Ryan plan come from those programs, compared with the rest of the cuts, totaling $1.6 trillion, that come from other federal programs.

More important, you probably think Ryan’s plan balances the budget. But that’s only true if you take his word for it on how he’d pay for his massive tax cuts. Looking only at what he’s offered details on, his plan actually widens the deficit.

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Paul Ryan

Everything you know about Ryan's budget is probably wrong