Ed’s ‘biggest fan’ surprises him with a hug


msnbc host Ed Schultz was waiting for a ride on a chilly Friday night last week (Dec. 16) in Minneapolis, when he was surprised by a woman and her husband who just happen to be driving by.

Our Booking Producer Arianna Jones, shooting video of Ed trying to keep warm, captured the moment when the husband yelled out, “we love you!”  Ed waved back, thanked them and thought that was it. 

But that wasn’t good enough for these fans.

The driver pulled over, jumped out of the car and declared she was his “biggest fan.”  The woman then walked up to a flattered Ed and gave him a big hug.

Oh, in all the excitement, we didn’t get their names.  If you know who they are, let us know!

Note: Arianna apologizes for the shaky video, but says she had a difficult time keeping the camera steady in the cold temperatures.

Ed's 'biggest fan' surprises him with a hug