‘Ed Show’ tonight: Wed., Feb. 8, 2012


The Republican race for president is shaken-up yet again, and that has the Democrats dancing and Mitt Romney scrambling.  Has Rick Santorum found a path to the GOP presidential nomination? 

Tonight, Ed looks at Santorum’s surge and how it affects the race with Steve Schmidt, msnbc Contributor and Republican Strategist and served as Senior Advisor to Sen. John McCain’s Presidential campaign, and Richard Wolffe, msnbc Political Analyst.

The Obama’s campaign decision to play the Super PACs game has left liberals divided.  Ari Melber, Correspondent for The Nation, and Robert Reich, Former U.S. Labor Secretary, UC Berkeley Professor, explain why they are on opposite sides.

The conservative One Million Moms is threatening to boycott J.C. Penney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson.  Ed will show us how the talk show put right-wing bigotry in its place.

Republicans are waging another secret war on workers.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will explain his plan to stop it.

While Scott Walker raises money in the Sunshine State, the Koch brothers do his dirty work back home.  Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-WI), one of the 14 Wisconsin senators who left the state to stop Walker’s union-busting bill, will join Ed with a major announcement.

And Fox News host Sean Hannity says President Obama would rather that Osama bin Laden wasn’t dead.  Ed responds tonight!

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'Ed Show' tonight: Wed., Feb. 8, 2012