‘Ed Show’ tonight: Thu., Mar. 8, 2012


Today is International Women’s Day, but the Republican war on women spreads like wildfire in states like Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Texas and Illinois.  More than 1,100 bills introduced in all 50 states just in the past year!  

And Rush Limbaugh isn’t letting up either, using vile, sexist language to bully yet another smart woman.

Tonight Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) comments on the latest Limbaugh gaffe and Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor and Publisher of The Nation, looks at the anti-woman war being waged around the nation.

The Republican’s war on women’s health has female legislators fighting back.  State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-IL) and State Sen. Janet Howell (D-VA) will talk about how they’re targeting men’s reproductive health.

It’s game on for the Obama campaign.  Ben LaBolt, Obama re-election campaign National Press Secretary, will join Ed for a sneak preview of the new documentary touting the president’s accomplishments.  

It’s the Al Capone vault all over again!  Right-wing conspiracy theorists fall flat on their face again as Fox News’ Sean Hannity reveals the smoking hug.  Eugene Robinson, msnbc Analyst and Associate Editor and Pulitzer Prize winning Columnist for the Washington Post, joins Ed for that.

Speaking of Faux News, Bill O’Reilly tries to pull a fast one on Middle America by lying about the president’s involvement in rising gas prices.  Big Eddie’s ready to play the shocking video that proves O’Reilly wrong.

Republicans are trying to scare votes by fear mongering over Iran, but the president won’t have it.  Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff at the State Department during Gen. Colin Powell’s term and currently the Pamela Harriman Visiting Professor at the College of William & Mary, will weigh in on their scare tactics. 

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'Ed Show' tonight: Thu., Mar. 8, 2012