‘Ed Show’ tonight: Mon., Jan. 30, 2012


The Obama Derangement Syndrome is going to a whole new level tonight and Ed is all over it.  First, the GOP’s leader compares the president with the captain who allegedly took down a cruise liner in Italy. 

Then Republican Congressman Allen West tells national Democrats to get out of Florida and, for that matter, out of the country.  What is going on here?

Melissa Harris-Perry, msnbc Host, Political Science Professor at Tulane University and columnist for The Nation Magazine, and Dr. James Peterson, Director of Africana Studies and Associate Professor of English at Lehigh University, will join Ed for reaction and analysis.

It’s down to the wire in Florida, where the GOP presidential primary will be held tomorrow.  Ed will get the latest from the campaign trail with E.J. Dionne, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Washington Post columnist, and Krystal Ball, msnbc Contributor and former candidate for U.S. Congress.

Desperate Housewives actress @EvaLongoria slams Mitt Romney for his stance on the Dream Act on Twitter.  And she’s not the only one.  Bill Burton, former White House Deputy Press Secretary under President Obama, and Joan Walsh, Salon’s Editor at Large, will discuss the GOP’s problem with the Latino vote.

The fight for fairness is headed to the floor of the Senate.  Robert Reich, former U.S. Labor Secretary, UC Berkeley Professor, has some big news about the “Buffet Rule.”

And in Psycho Talk, Steve Doocy claims Fox is the most unbiased news network.  Heck, even the Muppets aren’t buying it.

It’s going to be another packed @EdShow at 8pET on @msnbctv.

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'Ed Show' tonight: Mon., Jan. 30, 2012