‘Ed Show’ tonight: Fri., Feb. 24, 2012


President Obama is sending your children to college because they’re “indoctrination mills.”  That’s Rick Santorum’s wild new conspiracy theory. 

And Franklin Graham is back with a warning for Christians that voting for Obama is compromising their faith.

The Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United, joins Ed with reaction and thoughtful analysis.

In the best example yet that men don’t understand women’s health, a Virginia Republican lawmaker makes a sexist joke about state-sponsored rape. 

Lizz Winstead, comedian and co-creator of “The Daily Show,” and Terry O’Neill, President of The National Organization for Women, join Ed to respond.

Mitt Romney fumbles through a speech on the economy to a nearly-empty Ford Field in Detroit.  Joining Ed on that will be Stacie Steward, an electrician for Chrysler Sterling Heights Assembly Plant and who spoke outside the venue protesting Romney’s “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” policies, and Tony Trupiano, a Detroit progressive talk show host.

Toto will be upset to hear that Republicans in Kansas want to increase taxes on 99% and, yes, give the 1% a massive tax break!  Thomas Frank, Columnist for Harper’s Magazine, with What’s the Matter with Kansas.

Outrage in Chicago continues over the attack on poor schools, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel is dismissing protests as “noise.”   The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., Founder and President of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition will respond.

And a surprising announcement from comedian Bill Maher.  Ed’s got the tape you won’t want to miss.

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'Ed Show' tonight: Fri., Feb. 24, 2012