‘ED Show’ playbook: Wed., Aug. 8


A hard-hitting, independent, pro-Obama ad throws Mitt Romney’s campaign into a tail spin ninety days before the election.  And conservatives are jumping all over it.

Tonight, Leo Gerard, United Steel Workers International President, weighs in on the consequences of outsourcing, and Howard Fineman, NBC News Political Analyst and Editorial Director of the Huffington Post Media Group, has the politics of it all.

President Obama arrives in battleground Colorado to highlight Romney’s archaic stance on women’s rights. Sandra Fluke, Attorney and Women’s Rights Activist, was with the president today and she joins Ed for an EXCLUSIVE interview tonight on the Republican war on women.

Newt Gingrich defends Romney’s big lie about the president’s new welfare policy.  Ed will ask E.J. Dionne, a Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution and Washington Post columnist,  how far Republicans can take this latest lie.

Congressman Paul Ryan and his “immoral” budget  are at the top of Romney’s VP short list. And both Democrats and Republicans seem to be jumping for joy.

Our panel (Keith Boykin, CNBC Contributor and Democratic Strategist, Susan Del Percio, Republican Strategist and msnbc Contributor, and Michael Murphy, Democratic Strategist) will weigh in on a possible Romney-Ryan ticket.

And Republicans are pulling out all the stops to block the vote. Fmr. Rep. John Boccierri, (D-OH) looks at the fight for early voting rights for all residents in his state.

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'ED Show' playbook: Wed., Aug. 8