‘ED Show’ playbook: Tue., Oct. 23


Two weeks before Election Day and Republicans have come down with a case of “at least three stage three Romnesia.”

“If you say that you love American cars during a debate, but you wrote an article titled, ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,’ you might have Romnesia,” President Obama told supporters today in Delray Beach, Florida.

Tonight, Ed welcomes msnbc Political Analyst Richard Wolffe for the truth about last night.

And with only two weeks to go, the Obama camp shows some confidence when it comes to polling in key swing states.

Karen Finney, msnbc Political Analyst and Former DNC Communications Director, and E.J. Dionne, a Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution and Washington Post columnist, will look at the president’s two-week plan for victory.

Then, Mitt Romney claimed he’d be tough on China, but wouldn’t give many specifics. Ed has the play-by-play on the clash of the candidates and talks to Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) about the implications for workers in his state.

It looks like it’s all coming down to Ohio. Who will win the Buckeye State?  State Sen. Nina Turner (D-OH) weighs in on the latest Republican effort to block the vote.

In Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson airs one of the most disgraceful ads you’ll ever see. We’ll bring you the latest attack on Democrat Tammy Baldwin.

And in the Big Finish, former West Wing actor Bradley Whitford joins Ed to discuss his support for President Obama and worker’s rights in California.

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‘ED Show’ playbook: Tue., Oct. 23