‘Ed Show’ playbook: Tue., Mar. 20


Mitt Romney looks to extend his delegate lead over Rick Santorum as Republicans in the Land of Lincoln cast their votes for the GOP presidential nomination.  The polls in Illinois close precisely as Ed goes on the air, so he’ll have the first characterization and results from the race.

Ed will also get first reaction and analysis from Steve Schmidt, msnbc Contributor and Republican Strategist, former Senior Advisor to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, and Eugene Robinson, msnbc Analyst and Associate Editor and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post.

They’ll also look at the Paul Ryan conservative House Republican budget, which combines steep cuts in social programs like Medicaid, food stamps and Pell Grants with tax breaks for the rich, oil companies and hedge fund managers.  Can Republicans really win an election on this stuff?

Stephanie Cutter, Obama Campaign Deputy Campaign Manager, also joins Ed for that discussion.

The FBI and a grand jury are getting involved in the Trayvon Martin shooting tragedy.  And we now know that Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend while he was being stalked. 

The Rev. Al Sharpton, msnbc Host, and Charles Blow, New York Times Columnist look at the new evidence that could lead to the arrest of George Zimmerman.

As another mandatory ultrasound bill passes in Idaho, one Republican legislator suggests women don’t understand the difference between consensual sex and rape. Karen Finney, msnbc Political Analyst and Former DNC Communications Director, will weigh in on that and much more.

And in our Big Finish, Mitt Romney whittles down his economic plan from 59 points to just one.  Richard Wolffe, msnbc Political Analyst, will analyze the state of the Republican race.

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'Ed Show' playbook: Tue., Mar. 20