‘ED Show’ playbook: Tue., July 3


Great news for the Fourth of July!

Gas prices are plummeting and the right’s talking point has been blown to bits.  Bart Chilton, Commissioner of the Consumer Futures Trading Commission, will join Ed with the real reason prices are so low, and Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum has the politics.

Sen. James Inhofe says mentioning climate change as a reason for this summer’s intense weather is a “scare tactic.” Eugene Robinson, msnbc Analyst and Associate Editor and Pulitzer Prize winning Columnist for the Washington Post, weighs in.

Congressman Joe Walsh says his opponent, Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth, is not a true hero. She fires back on the show tonight!

Republicans attack Chief Justice John Roberts, saying the Supreme Court’s health care ruling is flawed. Tonight’s panel – Joy Reid, Managing Editor of TheGrio.com and msnbc Contributor, Susan Del Percio, Republican Strategist and msnbc Contributor, and Ari Melber, Correspondent for The Nation – will weigh in on the real problem. 

A legend passes away. Ed will look back at the life and politics of Andy Griffith.

And if you’re trying to avoid fireworks between you and your conservative relatives at tomorrow’s barbecue, Ed has some handy tips on how to talk to them about the health care law with Karen Finney, msnbc Political Analyst and former DNC Communications Director.

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'ED Show' playbook: Tue., July 3