‘ED Show’ playbook: Thu., July 26


The British people erupt in defiance at Mitt Romney’s Olympic insult.  And the British press calls him another Dubya and even “worse than Palin.”

We’ll have all the latest on Romney’s European disaster with British commentator Martin Lewis and Evan McMorris-Santoro, a reporter with Talking Points Memo.

Also weighing in will be tonight’s panel, including 

The Romney camp tries to sweep their “Anglo-Saxon” remark under the rug. 

But we’ll show you why that’s impossible with Keith Boykin, CNBC Contributor and Democratic Strategist.



And the man who dominates cable news tells a third of Americans they’re weak because they use government assistance.

Tonight, a substantive response to Bill O’Reilly’s “weak” argument with Jonathan Alter, msnbc Political Analyst and Bloomberg View Columnist.

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'ED Show' playbook: Thu., July 26