‘ED Show’ playbook: Thu., July 12


A bombshell report claims Mitt Romney is misleading Americans about his time at Bain Capital.

Benjy Sarlin, the Political Reporter who broke the story for Talking Points Memo joins Ed tonight with the details.

The Obama campaign says Romney may have committed a felony by filing false statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission.   Ben LaBolt, Obama Re-election campaign National Press Secretary, will talk about that.

And there’s brand new information about outsourcing jobs during Romney’s time at Bain.  Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) joins Ed to discuss the impact in swing states like Ohio.

Did Romney bring his own supporters to the NAACP convention?  One prominent African-American supporter speaks out and Ed has the exclusive report. 

Karen Finney, msnbc Political Analyst and Former DNC Communications Director, is on tonight with that.

The GOP keeps on lying about President Obama and taxes.  Joy Reid, Managing Editor of TheGrio.com, msnbc Contributor, former Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) and NBC News Political Analyst, and Susan Del Percio, Republican Strategist, msnbc Contributor, will weigh in.

The Baltimore Sun says The Ed Show is not the place for independents. Ed begs to differ and will state his case tonight.

And how can anyone defend Joe Paterno after today?

Ed will ask William C. Rhoden, Columnist for The New York Times about today’s Penn state disgrace. 

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'ED Show' playbook: Thu., July 12