‘Ed Show’ Playbook: Monday, April 16th

'Ed Show' Playbook: Monday, April 16th
'Ed Show' Playbook: Monday, April 16th
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Joan Walsh, Salon’s Editor at Large, and E.J. Dionne, a Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution and Washington Post columnist, join Ed to talk about Ann Romney’s early birthday present.

Richard Wolffe, msnbc Political Analyst, and Howard Fineman, NBC News Political Analyst and Editorial Director of the Huffington Post Media Group, talk about Romney and what he stands for.

Today the “Paying Fair Share Act”, also known as the Buffet Rule, failed to reach the 60 votes necessary to move it forward. Every Republican Senator voted against it. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) joins Ed to talk about what’s next.

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation, joins Ed to talk Scott Walker, the NRA, ALEC, Stand Your Ground and the recall election.

Does the GOP love a bad economy? You won’t believe what the campaign manager of a Republican Colorado State Representative had to say about it. State Rep. Sal Pace (D-CO) joins us.

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The Ed Show Playbook

'Ed Show' Playbook: Monday, April 16th