‘ED Show’ playbook: Mon., Sep. 3


“Are you better off than you were four years ago?”  That’s what Republicans are asking on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. 

Tonight, on a special Labor Day, DNC-eve edition of The Ed Show, Ed Schultz will not only answer that question, he will end the debate with a history lesson for Republicans with Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D- MD).

Then, righty talkers continue their assault on Sandra Fluke, attorney and Women’s Rights Activist.

“I’m just wondering when Sandra Fluke speaks, what they’re going to drop on her at the convention,” Bill O’Reilly said last week on Fox News.

Tonight, Fluke herself joins Ed to look at the ongoing war on women and preview her DNC speech.

Mitt Romney’s RNC speech did little to shift the polls in his favor.  Ed will ask Karen Finney, msnbc Political Analyst and Former DNC Communications Director, what it means for the GOP ticket.

President Obama rallied the troops today and he has a good record with labor, but does he need to do more to get over the finish line?  Ed will ask  James Hoffa, President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and Larry Cohen, President of the Communications Workers of America

Paul Ryan’s marathon of lying now includes lying about…a marathon.  Ed will show us how the vice presidential nominee is running a losing race against the truth.

What do the Democrats need to accomplish in Charlotte?  Ed will ask Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) in the Big Finish!

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'ED Show' playbook: Mon., Sep. 3