‘Ed Show’ playbook: Mon., Mar. 26


One month after Trayvon Martin was gunned down in Florida, new details emerge about the events of that night. 

Trymaine Lee, Senior Reporter with The Huffington Post, and Walter Zalisko, Retired Police Chief from Florida, President of Global Investigative Group, are both in Florida tonight with the latest details.

Trayvon’s parents are forced to defend their dead 17-year-old from smears in the conservative media.  Turner Clayton Jr, Seminole County NAACP President, also joins Ed from Florida with reaction.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush defends the “Stand Your Ground” law he signed in 2005.  Dan Gelber, former Florida state Senator and former federal prosecutor, will weigh in on that from Miami.

History was made inside the U.S. Supreme Court today as three days of arguements began on the Obama health care law.  Outside, it was another political circus.

Jonathan Cohn, Senior Editor at The New Republic and Author (“Sick: The Untold Story of America’s Health Care Crisis—and the People Who Pay the Price”) was inside the room for today’s argument and will give us the latest.  

It’s Tebow time in New York.  Ed will us what happened when new Jets’ quarterback Tim Tebow went before New York media.

And in our Big Finish, Paul Ryan can’t come up with a way to pay for his budget, but that’s not stopping Mitt Romney from endorsing it.  Robert Reich, former U.S. Labor Secretary, UC Berkeley Professor, will join Ed for that.

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'Ed Show' playbook: Mon., Mar. 26