‘ED Show’ playbook: Friday, May 4


Ed is in Los Angeles tonight to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher, but Michael Eric Dyson is filling in as host of The Ed Show and planning a packed show for us!

Republicans are trying to paint President Obama as the divider-in-chief.  Tonight, Michael proves the president is actually the uniter-in-chief with Dr. James Peterson, Director of Africana Studies and Associate Professor of English at Lehigh University.

A new report shows 26 straight months of private sector job growth, but Republican attacks on the public sector are holding the economy back.  Robert Reich, former U.S. Labor Secretary, UC Berkeley Professor, joins Michael with the latest numbers and the GOP reaction.

You won’t believe who is questioning Mitt Romney’s leadership skills after the resignation of an openly gay advisor.  And Ted Nugent loses his cool again on camera.  Melissa Harris-Perry, msnbc Host, Political Science Professor at Tulane University and columnist for The Nation magazine, will discuss Romney’s problem with the radical right. 

President Obama is kicking off his campaign tomorrow and Romney is writing a letter full of lies.  We’ll that, too.

Former NFL player Junior Seau’s suicide is shedding light on the dangers of pro football.  A former teammate estimates the legendary linebacker had 1,500 concussions during his career.  Michael will ask Dave Zirin, Sports Editor for The Nation, about the future of the game.

And a founding member of the Beastie Boys passes away at age 47.  Tonight, a look back at the life of hip-hop pioneer Adam ”MCA” Yauch with Scott Heath, Professor of African American Literature and Black Popular Culture at Georgia State University.

It’s going to be yet another packed @EdShow at 8pET on @msnbctv.

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And be sure to catch Real Time with Bill Maher tonight at 10pET on HBO.  With Ed on the panel, you know there will be some fireworks!

Here’s a clip from when Ed appeared on Bill’s show last year:

BTW, Ed will be back on The Ed Show on Monday, from Las Vegas.  


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'ED Show' playbook: Friday, May 4