‘Ed Show’ playbook: Fri., Mar. 16


The war on women may put thousands of women’s lives at risk in Texas, where Republicans are hell bent on defunding Planned Parenthood.  Now the White House is fighting back.

Plus, the Obama administration makes a major announcement on contraception and Sandra Fluke is responding.

Terry O’Neill, President of The National Organization for Women, and Krystal Ball, Democratic strategist and former candidate for U.S. Congress, join Ed with the latest.

Mitt Romney slips up and finally admits the economy is getting better.  And Rick Santorum just can’t stop talking about porn.

Howard Fineman, NBC News Political Analyst and Editorial Director of the Huffington Post Media Group, will have the latest developments on the Republican circus.

Big news out of Wisconsin: one of the Republican senators up for recall resigns.  What does it mean for the Senate and the race?  Ed will ask John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation.

And President Obama has arrived in Atlanta where he’ll speak at a fundraiser.  Ed’ll take you there live when it happens.  Plus, Ed will be joined by msnbc Political Analyst Richard Wolffe and Karen Finney, msnbc Political Analyst and Former DNC Communications Director.

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'Ed Show' playbook: Fri., Mar. 16