‘Ed Show’ live from Madison tonight!

'Ed Show' live from Madison tonight!
'Ed Show' live from Madison tonight!

Ed is on the road again and tonight he’ll be live in Madison, Wisconsin, hosting The Ed Show live from the Great Dane.

The crowds are gathering, but there’s still a little time left for you to get there and join Ed in-person.  With the state’s presidential primary tomorrow and the Walker recall now officially set, it should be a fantastic night to talk politics!! 

If you can’t make it to the Great Dane, you can still tune in as usual to see what promises to be a packed show:

The war on women’s health takes a dangerous turn in Wisconsin as a bomb goes off at a planned parenthood clinic a day before the Republican presidential primary.  The FBI is investigating what could be a case of domestic terrorism.

Joan Walsh, Salon’s Editor at Large, and Ruth Conniff, Political Editor of The Progressive magazine, join Ed with the latest.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are so attached at the hip they started wearing the same clothes on the campaign trail.  And Rick Santorum is practically begging for an upset in Wisconsin with a devastating anti-Romney ad: 

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation, and Howard Fineman, NBC News Political Analyst and Editorial Director of the Huffington Post Media Group, will analyze tomorrow’s big presidential primary.

The recall of Gov. Scott Walker is underway in Wisconsin, and he’s getting major help from outside the state. State senators Lena Taylor and Chris Larson, both Democrats, will have that.

And the man Walker defeated in 2010 wants a re-match in the recall election (set for June 5).  Ed will have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Bill Clinton comments on Trayvon Martin’s death and the FBI opens its investigation.  But America is still waiting for an arrest as new details paint an even worse picture for George Zimmerman.  Ed will have the latest developments.

'Ed Show' live from Madison tonight!

And in our Big Finish tonight, the crowd gathering at the Great Dane (Downtown) will have a lot to say about tomorrow’s GOP presidential primary, and the Walker recall.  Ed will turn the microphone over to them! 

It’s going to be an extraordinary @EdShow tonight at 8pET on @msnbctv.

Join the conversation now or during the show by commenting on Facebook and/or tweeting (with the #edshow hashtag) so we can share your thoughts on the show.

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'Ed Show' live from Madison tonight!