Ed Schultz: Romney’s foreign policy debate performance worst ‘ever’ by a Republican nominee


msnbc Ed Schultz’s first reaction on tonight’s presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney:

“This was affirmation tonight that President Obama is doing a great job on foreign policy. We just listened to the Republican candidate tell the American people that president is doing a good job. This was the worst performance of any Republican candidate on foreign policy that I can ever remember.”

“[Romney] was unsure of himself. He agreed with the president too much. Brent Bozell Media Research tweets out: ‘Something is wrong with Romney tonight. He’s refusing to challenge Obama’s failed policies. He’s sounding LIKE Obama. This is terrible.’ That came in thirty minutes into the debate!”

“I mean, the right-wing is sitting there saying, ‘who is this guy?’ Once again, he’s confused the people that have been out there trying to support him and there’s an identity crisis going here in the Republican Party when it comes to their foreign policy.”

“In the meantime, you’ve got President Obama having his challenger saying ‘you know you’re doing the all right things on a number of different issues.’ Now we got a new policy on Afghanistan tonight, we got a new policy on what really should’ve been going on with Iraq.”

“Look, this was a bad performance. Now, as an Obama supporter and as a guy who thinks President Obama deserves another four years, I feel like the president won a second term tonight. Reality tells me something else, we’ve still have a long way to go.”

Ed Schultz: Romney's foreign policy debate performance worst 'ever' by a Republican nominee