Ed Schultz: Joe Biden ‘face of the lunch-bucket Democrats’


Ed Schultz praised Joe Biden tonight, as the vice president prepared to accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for a second term.

“[Biden] really has been the face of the lunch-bucket Democrats throughout this entire administration,” Ed told the msnbc panel.  ”He’s been their connection.  He understands their uprising, he is the middle class, he grew up middle class.”

Ed then recalled the time he spent with Biden in Exeter, New Hampshire on April 12, 2012.  In an exclusive interview, Ed asked Biden about Mitt Romney’s tax plan, the war on women, “stand your ground” gun laws and the Scott Walker recall. 

Here’s the full interview: 

“The guy is walking, talking testimonial who stumbles every now and then,” Ed said tonight.  ”That makes him real.  He’s an honest guy.”

He continued: “He has 30 years of foreign policy experience.  I guarantee you he has been in the ear of the president on foreign policy on every issue.”  

Ed Schultz: Joe Biden 'face of the lunch-bucket Democrats'