Ed Schultz: ‘I thought Joe Biden made up a lot of ground’


Last week, Ed was disappointed by President Barack Obama’s performance in the first presidential debate.

Tonight, in the first and only vice presidential debate, it was a very different reaction from Ed.

“I thought Joe Biden made up a lot of ground,” Ed said in his first reaction on msnbc to tonight’s vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

He continued: “I have a sense that the liberal community is going to be very satisfied with what Joe Biden delivered tonight. He was detailed, he was passionate, he made people believe he that he cares about the country and had confidence in which way this administration wants to take the country.”

“He talked about the progress that has been made and talked about the tough decisions that had to be made and the decisions that were made were the correct decisions. I think that’s what the base wanted hear tonight and they got it from Joe Biden.”

The vice presidential candidates discuss their views on the main topics of the campaign.

“Now, as far as Ryan is concerned, look, I don’t think it’s going to take very long for them to start crying about the referee here. I think that [moderator Martha Raddatz’s] reporting skills came out tonight. She improvised a great deal on the subject matter, I think that is going to be criticized in the right wing media.”

“Ryan? Mission accomplished. He went there tonight and I don’t think he hurt the conservative agenda at all. They don’t give details. They’re OK with that. He was lacking in specifics on the economy, he was lacking specifics in Medicare. He tried to sell that hard. Everything Joe Biden said was factual. Everything that Ryan came back with was ‘well that’s not right this is what we want to do,’ but he really had no detail on anything.”

“And I also thought that Joe Biden’s experience tonight on foreign policy, I mean it was a man against a boy. I mean he got so mixed up, Ryan did, he would not accept that the fact that Afghan forces are also making strides and they’re the ones being detailed to the very regions he’s talking about.”

Ed Schultz: 'I thought Joe Biden made up a lot of ground'