Ed Schultz: Gingrich ‘lying’ about gas prices


A Super Tuesday panel fact checks the inaccurate claims made by Newt Gingrich, especially concerning President Barack Obama and gas prices.

Here’s what Ed said:

“(Gingrich) said that the reason why gas prices are where they are right now is because of President Obama’s policies.  What were the policies under President Bush when gas prices were higher than what they are right now.  First of all, how can anybody keep any credibility with the American people and not talk about speculation on Wall Street when you talk about oil prices, gas prices?  You can’t do it.  He lost all credibility in the energy sector tonight. He’s lying to the American people if he has the formula to get us guaranteed down to $2.50 a gallon.”


Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama

Ed Schultz: Gingrich 'lying' about gas prices