DNC spox: ‘We’ve got to expose the evildoers’


The top spokesman for the Democratic National Committee told Ed Schultz Wednesday that his party needs to make sure voters this fall know exactly who’s behind the massive flood of corporate cash that’s set to boost Republican prospects.

“We’ve got to expose the evildoers,” the DNC’s Brad Woodhouse said.

Woodhouse suggested Demcrats might have done a better job of drawing attention to the outside interests who poured money into the Wisconsin recall on behalf of Republican governor Scott Walker.

“We need to make sure people know, why are the Koch brothers interested in whats going on in Wisconsin?” he said.

He added that Democrats also planned to use their superior organization and turnout operation. “[Republicans] have no ground game, and we’re gonna exploit that,” he said.

That might not sound too encouraging to Democrats. Many Walker opponents pointed to the Dems’ supposed ground advantage before Tuesday night, but it ended up making little difference.

Still, Woodhouse pointed out that the size of the spending advantage that Republicans enjoyed in Wisconsin—seven to one, by some estimates—is unlikely to be repeated in November.

“It’s one thing to be outspent one and a half to one or two to one,” he said. “You can’t be outspent seven or eight to one, and I don’t think there’s any chance that President Obama’s gonna be outspent seven or eight to one.”

And asked by Schultz about Obama’s struggles with white working-class voters, Woodhouse went after Mitt Romney for his record as a private equity executive.

“Mitt Romney’s not the person to attract those votes,” Woodhouse said. “Mitt Romney was laying those people off to profit for himself and for his investors and for his partners when he was at Bain Capital.”


Koch Brothers, Wisconsin and Mitt Romney

DNC spox: 'We've got to expose the evildoers'